In an effort to keep our staff and patients safe we are following these guidelines: We are asking patients to come to their appointments alone or accompanied by only one other person.

All patients who would like to more information please contact our office. Our office is not considered to be at risk at this time. For the foreseeable future, we are asking that patients come to appointments alone or accompanied by (1) other person, as recommended by the CDC.

Every patient will be asked to arrive promptly – please do not be late  and if you arrive early wait in your car if possible until your appointment time. You will be brought to the treatment room as soon  as you register at the front desk.

We are using gloves and washing hands in between every patient  and before and after treatment. We are doubling our efforts to ensure that our office is extra clean, as everyone’s health is our priority. Treatment tables, working surfaces and door handles are  sanitized before and after every treatment. In addition to our regularly scheduled professional office cleaning, we frequently wipe down all surfaces in our office during our hours of operation.

In order to maintain wellness among our staff and patients, we  require that any staff member or patient who is not feeling well,  remain home. COVID-19 symptoms share symptoms of the flu and  other viruses, so it’s not safe to make any assumptions. We are offering flexibility to our cancellation policy in order to ensure that any patient presenting with symptoms can feel comfortable rescheduling.

Thank you for your Cooperation Dr. Marshall P Allegra and Staff