Joint reconstruction in Hazlet, NJ is an option for anyone who has problems with their muscles, bones, and even nerves. It may be well known as a procedure for athletes who put a lot of pressure on their joints, but it can be done for anyone at any age. Dr. Allegra at Allegra Orthopedics is a specialist who can help you treat any damage you may have, whether it’s carpal tunnel, a frozen shoulder, or a snapping hip.

About Allegra Orthopedics

Treating the delicate bones of your body isn’t easy to do, so it’s important to find the right specialist in Hazlet, NJ. At Allegra Orthopedics, we specialize in replacement (either partial or full) and general reconstruction of the hips, hands, wrists, shoulders, and knees. From dislocated shoulders to arthritis to tennis elbow, Allegra Orthopedics can treat common and not-so-common conditions alike. Dr. Allegra will do everything possible to treat your joints effectively — whether they require surgery or not. For patients who do require surgery, the ultimate goal is to restore as much movement as possible. We can even use prosthetic joints specifically designed to function just like your natural joints.

Learning More about Joint Injuries

With all the walking, climbing, and bending you do, it’s no wonder that joint injuries are so common. However, one of the smartest reasons to see a specialist may have nothing to do with injuries at all. Joint reconstruction doesn’t just help you treat the damage — they can help prevent that damage from ever happening in the first place. By strengthening your body, you stand a far better chance at fending off everything from specific disease or trauma to general deterioration over time. Visiting Dr. Allegra is an easy way to take a healthy step for the sake of your body!