What our patients have to say

This is our place to reflect and share. Since gratitude is a positive emotion correlated with healing, we have invited you to experience our patients feedback and responses to our procedures. We thank you for all your kind words and are so happy to be of help you in your healing process. We are adding to our testimonial section, video reviews. Please watch as Lawrence Gonnello shares his story with us



Orthopedic surgeries
by Lawrence Gonnello, October 2014
Lawrence Gonnello has had 15 orthopedic surgeries in his lifetime — and he wouldn’t trust anyone other than Dr. Marshall P. Allegra to treat him. He has now known Dr. Allegra for at least 20 years, and continues to appreciate his personal, attentive care and the fact that Dr. Allegra helps patients get the treatment they need right away so they don’t have to be in pain a moment longer than necessary.


Ac Joint reconstructive ligament surgery
by Abe R on Aug 30th, 2013
Dr Allegra is outstanding in his ability perform great results from my surgery. I was extremely pleased with the outcome., patient care, his follow up and the staff.

Satisfied Patient
Jun 8th, 2013
Doctor Allegra is knowledgeable and competent. I had a successful knee replacement (after a manipulation 5 weeks post op). His office staff is responsive to calls and concerns. Wait time for your appointment is minimal – respects patient’s time, not just doctor’s time. I would recommend (and have!) to anyone who is looking for a good outcome to an orthopedic problem.

My Rotator cuff and Dr. Allegra
by Nora Tupino on Feb 21st, 2013
In August I fell while training for a marathon. By September I could not raise my right arm. I went to Dr. Allegra (he had done my knee several years ago) After an MRI he diagnosed a torn rotator cuff. After giving me a great deal of information as to the surgery I would need, what my post-op recovery would be, I had surgery in October at Shrewsbury Surgical Center. Even though the recovery for me was tough, I felt Dr. Allegra was sensitive to my need for pain control. My follow up visits were informative. He was persistent in my having a minimum of 3 months of physical therapy. Now 4 months after surgery, I have almost 100% range of motion in my right arm and I am training for my 2nd half Iron Man Triathlon in June.

Excellent Surgeon
by Sharon Rothenberg on Feb 8th, 2013
On 1/28/2013, I had a total hip replacement. Dr. Allegra used the transverse method, a procdure that he invented. This procedure is much better than the standard posterior hip replacement, in that it offers a quicker healing time, and results in less pain. No heavy pain medications are needed, after the first night. In fact, as of 2/1, I was only using tylenol for pain. This doctor is terrific. I would not use any other orthopedic surgeon.

Great doctor
Dec 3rd, 2012
When you have a big problem , your Dr. Has to be good. Well Dr. Allegra is the best orthopedic Dr. On earth. Just can’t say enough about him. Kind , gentile and so very smart. A Dr.’s doctor. Whatever the wait in the office it is well worth it. Be patient , he is worth the wait , the best in his field. None better period.

Wouldn’t choose any other doctor
Mar 5th, 2012
I’m a 51 year old guy who unfortunately has not had very much luck with my joints. I’ve had ACL Surgery, two Rotator Cuff surgeries and a Meniscus procedure done. I tore my ACL and made an appointment with Doctor Marshall Allegra . After meeting with Doctor Allegra I decided to go through with the surgery. Today my knee is stronger then ever. When I tore my Meniscus and then both Rotator Cuffs I decided to go back to the doctor who I put on a pedestal ! Doctor Allegra has fixed me up each and every time . My Physical Therapist is always amazed with my recovery and I always tell him the same thing, ‘ I have Doctor Allegra to thank for my recovery !”..I would rate Doctor Allegra as THE Top orthopedic doctor in New Jersey ! ! ! Thank You Doctor Allegra !

Very Happy
Apr 20th, 2011
I was first impressed with Dr Allegra when he treated my husband for a serious leg injury. He was honest and explained every dtail of his coindition and how to treat it and care for my husband once he was home. When my knee became an issue he did all he could to treat it without surgery and once it was obvious that surgery was necessary he took Wonderful care of me. He is very blunt and to the point but on one visit I was very emotional and he sat with me and reassured me that I was recovering well and I would have days when I did not feel that I was making progress. His compassion made me feel so much better